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Alexis Carde
Reiki Master

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About Alexis

Healing Cycles of Pain with Love and Light!


Alexis is a New Jersey native with a background in Social Work, and a heart for healing and empowerment. She is a mom of two and has spent the majority of her life tuning into Spirit, and finding new ways to help others. A product of many generations of abuse such as physical and sexual abuse, drug addictions, eating disorders, neglect, and mental illness, she has dedicated her life to re-parenting herself, healing, thriving and helping others to do the same. She posesses many years of spiritual knowledge and experience, and various modalities of connecting with her clients.

Message From Alexis:

As a certified Reiki Master and Spiritual Consultant, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why my mission is simple: Be a channel for Universal love, light, and healing while giving my clients the resources that they need to be happy, healthy, and capable of not just surviving, but empowered and THRIVING! Your past does not define you. My practice is comprised of different modalities such Reiki, Crystal Healing, Oracle cards, Manifesting techniques, and the Law of Attraction, just to name a few of the modalities used in my practice. Let's get to enjoying life, right NOW!  So excited to connect and partner with you! 


What is Intuitive Energy Healing/Reiki?

Intuitive Energy Healing popularly known today, as Reiki, is a form of holistic healing. The Practitioner connects with Universal Energy, serves as a channel, and then directs this loving, healing light energy towards the willing recipient. Intuitive, pertains to this light energy going wherever it is needed most in the recipient. 

Energy defies time and space, which is why this modality is perfect for healing past traumas, connecting with your Higher Self, and can be conducted virtually. Distance Reiki is just as powerful as an in person session. 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese modality of this energy healing that literally means "Lifeforce Energy". 

Benefits of Reiki

*Deep relaxation.

*Emotional and physical healing.

*Clarity of thought and can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

*Promotes healing of physical ailments and symptoms of chronic dis-ease.

*Harmony between mind, body, soul.

*Balance Chakras for intuition, abundance, and manifestation. 

(Just to name a few.)



   Services Offered:

  • Reiki Services

  • Crystal Therapy Services

  • Intuitive Messages/Oracle Cards

  • Reiki Infused Products 

  • Journals for sale



Some Love From My Clients

My reiki session with Alexis was great! She sends nothing but positive vibes. I’ve had 4 sessions with her. 2 phone sessions and 2 group sessions and I always feel amazing afterwards. I strongly recommend her healing work. Thank you so much.

Maximo Ramirez

I just had my first session with Alexis just minutes ago. I was a little apprehensive at first, never having delved into the world of Reiki or energy healing before. However, as Alexis worked down my body, I could feel her energy in my space actually doing the good work. I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't to suddenly feel all my negativity release with her positive affirmations, and the power of her energy. I cried my release for a moment. A little later, while she focused on my physical pain, I was smiling and laughing because I could feel the muscles in my high pain area twitch for a moment and relax.
If you are open, I would *highly* reccommend booking a session with her. After tonight, I made it clear that we would be continuing our sessions at least once a month. As an empath, my energy drains when I take on that of those around me, and this is a perfect way to refill my cup and I'm now convinced it's the best way to heal yours.

Nicole Acosta

Alexis is a professional and has such amazing energy and spirituality. She has worked with my son and it was an amazing experience for both him and I!

Kizzymel Cabrera-Butts

Meeting Alexis has been nothing but Great! She’s very sweet & has a way with words. Her sessions are amazing, my close friends & I are slowly learning with her about inner healing, & it’s so satisfying each time. We have a long way to go but I am so looking forward to it, with Alexis here willing to help & continue to teach us about her Light, I’m confident we will be living wholesome lives, as we all deserve to. Thank you, for what you do & for wanting to help others.

Johanna H.

I've participated in a couple of group sessions with Amethyst Healing Reiki in the past. Both times I walked away feeling calm and peaceful. Today I did a personal session with Alexis and baaaby listen to me when I say schedule your session TUHDAY...not today...Tuhday.

Alexis Carde is gifted! While I won't share the entire experience I will say this, I've already scheduled my next one on one .

I felt the energy of healing, release, and vision surrounding me. Alexis also took care to debrief my feelings and experiences after the session was over, which was an extra bonus. We both had a breakthrough today! Perfect way to walk into Juneteenth and begin my 7 day cleanse. Thank you Amethyst Healing Reiki...I needed that!

Shanell Dunns


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